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recommended hospitalization for him because there was just so many things that just were not right, said Martin, director of crisis services for Helen Farabee Centers in Wichita Falls.

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She wonders if Lanza family had a history of mental illness.

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Goode and other Texas mental health professionals support mental health first aid training for teachers, ministers and other community members.

After the crisis, if officials determine a mentally ill person is in real danger of Lacoste Original hurting himself or others, a report might go into a federal background check system. This month the Senate is expected to debate comprehensive background checks to screen gun buyers.

Jenny Goode, an Abilene mental health professional, said the Newtown shooting was horrible but she not sure gun control would change the course of gun related violence.

The man, for example, was hearing voices.

and call a crisis hotline or mental health care provider on the person behalf, Goode said.

more important is identification of people who are at risk of doing such things, said Goode, chief executive officer of the Betty Hardwick Center.

They might see someone acting out of the ordinary or out of character such as a woman who took all her food out of her freezer and laid it on the sidewalk Polo Shirts For Women For Work

A student threatened to go home and get a gun. A woman tried to hang herself on her front porch. A man with a gun was hearing voices.

In one case, a law enforcement officer asked for an assessment of a worrisome man who had a gun in a hotel room.

Caught up in the debate over gun control is how to balance the rights of the mentally ill and public safety.

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linked to mental illness calls for improved screening of firearm buyers, better mental health reporting, and a shift in public perception of mental illness.

´╗┐Balancing rights of mentally ill

Texas mental health professional Charlie Martin often deals with clients who are suicidal, psychotic Fred Perry Jacket Kids

Guns are getting into the hands of people that don have any business having one, Martin said.

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was raised in a very rural, small Texas town where first we love our mothers, and then we love our guns, he said.

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Dr. Daniela Badea Mic, of Corpus Christi, said her jaw dropped when she heard about the Newton shooting.

But Martin has no argument with gun ownership in general.

He does see room for improvement in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which federally licensed gun sellers tap into to screen buyers. He suggested that a questionnaire or other tool to gauge violence and impulsivity be incorporated as part of the background check.

The shooting pushed a debate already percolating onto the front burner. Comprehensive background check legislation to include sales at gun shows, for instance, is expected to come before the Senate in April.

know this is the Monday morning quarterback, but there were a lot of warning signs that this tragedy could have been prevented, Badea Mic said.

WASHINGTON Long before mass shootings ignited a national conversation on keeping guns out of the hands of those mentally ill people who are deemed dangerous, the crisis calls were rolling in across Texas.

or deteriorating mentally.

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Some Texas mental health professionals think a gap in reporting but not necessarily to a database and in education is partly why mass shootings like the one in Newtown occur.

Adam Lanza had no trouble obtaining firearms in a household where he and his mother were gun enthusiasts. He gunned down 26 children and educators at an elementary school Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn.

we really want is for more people to recognize the symptoms of mental illness and know what to do about it, Goode said.

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Overall, the numbers of calls for crisis intervention to the Betty Hardwick Center crisis hotline has increased, Goode said.

impressed me as a psychiatrist, there were a lot of warning signs . of a mental illness that family or friends have ignored, said Badea Mic, medical director for the Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County.

Texas mental health professionals say preventing gun violence Polo Lacoste Blue

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Lanza has been reported to have had a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum, but he hasn been linked to a specific mental illness.

those kind of calls that sometimes help draw treatment to a person that might be kind of under the radar screen, she said.

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