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At Crocs, they bought Cotton Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

"It's too much for us," Graves added.

"It's an awesome store," he said, as other employees clapped to the beat of the music and held an impromptu dance party at the Fred Perry Shorts

´╗┐Bargain hunters out early at Merrimack outlets

Casale and Graves both took the day off from Holt Proctor McBriarty Insurance Agency in Milford. and spent the next hour getting familiar with the plaza's oval layout, mapping their plan of attack.

Since they were already there, Taylor and Seth decided to wait until the businesses opened an hour later and ended up being the first customers in Nike.

"It's nice to have summer employment. It gives me some flexibility to write," Mattise said about her job at Talbots. to drop off Lauren to work at the Nike store.

Lacoste Grey Polo

Columbia was where they ended up finding the best deals of the day, giving them an additional 15 percent off their purchases since they arrived before noon. They also received a free tote bag.

Three other siblings spent the day shopping together, with their mother in tow. Two of the siblings and the mother all came in from out of town to visit Kathy Stankiewicz, of Amherst, whose family calls her "queen of the mall."

"The clappers are to invite people in, to kind of catch everybody's attention," Mattise said. "There's a lot to look at, a lot of great stuff."

Lacoste Grey Polo

Lacoste Grey Polo

"We played hookey with permission," Casale said, laughing.

But they weren't done hitting up the deals yet. The duo planned to head to Bloomingdale's and then eventually return to Anne Polo Shirt Lacoste Sale

matching sandals in different colors, and at Ecco, they received free gift bags containing shoe polish and the like.

Lacoste Grey Polo

Lacoste Grey Polo

Taylor. and a few a little before.

Lacoste Grey Polo

Lacoste Grey Polo

Seth Cordts purchased two pairs of dry basketball shorts and a pair of Elite socks, which totaled a little more than $58. After the gift card and Lauren Cordts' discount, he paid $6.27. Taylor Cordts bought a pair of sneakers, running shorts, compression shorts and yoga pants. Her bill rang in at almost $142, and after the gift card and sister's discount, she paid roughly $64.

Ben Kincade rolled up on his motorcycle from Maryland, Cindy Sweet flew in from Oregon, and their mother, Audrey Kincade, drove from Connecticut.

For that, Taylor and Seth Cordts were rewarded with $35 store gift cards, 20 percent off coupons for their next purchase and free water bottles. On top of that, they were able to use their sister's employee discount and score some great prices.

Lacoste Grey Polo

Some employees arrived at almost the same time as the early bird shoppers. The recent high school graduate hails from Londonderry and is working at the retail store before heading to college at the end of summer. He said he was glad he landed a pretty good gig for a summer job.

Lacoste Grey Polo

"They have a great clearance rack. That's the only place we go," she said, noting that the shirts the pair purchased were 50 percent off their original price before the additional 15 percent off at checkout. "This was my great prize, and the Lacoste Grey Polo Crocs were surprisingly nice. I am a frugal shopper."

entrance of the store.

They did not have as great luck at Off Saks Fifth Avenue.

"We walked into Saks, we walked out of Saks," Casale said.

Chris Mattise, who recently moved back to Amherst after spending the last five years at Penn State University, started her shift at Talbots at noon. She stood in the double doorway of the clothing store with a co worker while using a plastic clapping hands noisemaker to attract shoppers.

Casale boasted about being able to buy three long sleeve shirts from the store for only $34.

MERRIMACK Cathy Casale and Tina Graves were the envy of their co workers Thursday, having had the foresight to ask for the day off so they could break in the Merrimack Premium Outlets together.

The now part time employee at Talbots is a longtime educator, spending many years in New Hampshire employed as a guidance counselor. She is working on her doctorate, creating hands on programs to combat and prevent bullying and violence in schools.

Shoppers who turned out Thursday weren't interested so much in the story of how the outlets came to be; they just wanted to find the deals.

Casale, of Peterborough, and Graves, of Wilton, were among the first shoppers Thursday morning at the shopping center. Everett Turnpike, opened its doors after eight years of planning and contentious debate among residents about the mall's impact on the town.

Lacoste Grey Polo

Lacoste Grey Polo

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